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BLP slings


Aefos Hi-Lift carries a wide variety of slings to accommodate the lifting and rigging industries in Houston and worldwide. Our sling products range from alloy chain sling, roundsling, synthetic sling, metal mesh sling, single and multiple leg sling, web slings, and many more.

 wire rope

Wire Rope

Wire Rope is used continuously in the lifting and rigging industries. Aefos Hi-Lift carries many different kinds of wire rope in order to accommodate the needs of the industry. Our general purpose wire rope is manufactured by Wire Rope Industries and our high performance wire rope .

Crosby Shackle Rigging Hardware


We keep in stock Rigging Hardware products from The Crosby Group. They specialize in rigging hardware for wire rope and chain. Aefos Hi-Lift carries IP clamps, hooks and swivels, blocks,
shackles, sling saver fittings, wire rope end fittings and many more.



Aefos Hi-Lift carries Manual, Electric and Air Powered Hoists manufactured by either Yoke Hoists, Crosby Hoists or GreenPinHoists.
 BLP tie downs

Aefos Hi-Lift offers Tie Downs for all lifting and transporting needs. Aefos Hi-Lift Tie Down styles include Winch Style, Ratchet Style, Flat Bed Tow Truck Style, Grade 3, 4, & 7 and many more.


DBI-Sala Fall Protection

Fall Protection

Aefos Hi-Lift carries fall protection systems to keep your workers safe in treacherous situations and environments. We carry Full Body Harnesses, Safety Straps, Body Belts, Lanyards and Self Retracting Lifelines. 

Crosby Lifting Clamp

Lifting Clamps

Aefos Hi-Lift carries lifting clamps manufactured by Jentan, Yoke and Crosby. Plate clamps come in horizontal or vertical.


wire rope accessory

Wire Rope Accessories

Aefos Hi-Lift wire rope accessories include wire rope swagers, pullers and cutters. We carry Wire Rope accessories manufactured by Huskie Tools, Klein Tools, Lewis Manufacturing, Morse-Starrett and Newco Manufacturing.

BLP products

Products Photo Gallery

In our Aefos Hi-Lift Products photo gallery we showcase products that we have made to give our customers a better idea as to the wide variety of products that we carry.